The Process


What is the steps needed to get my Drivers License if I am under 18?  


Step 1. Enroll in Drivers Education Class at Alpha Driving School. This is a 30 hours class that just takes 4 short days.

Step 2. Get the required DMV slips from Alpha Driving School Instructor and take all necessary documents to the DMV and take a 46 questions Instructional Permit Test, and miss no more than 8.

Step 3. Enroll/Schedule for the Drivers Training (Behind the Wheel) with Alpha Driving School in dual controlled training vehicle.

Step 4. Practice with your parents/guardian for 50 hours which includes your 40 hours of daytime driving and 10 nighttime driving. Complete the 6 hours of driving practice with an Alpha Driving School Instructor.

Step 5. Wait till your 16th birthday, and after you've had your Instructional Permit for 6 months and Completed all BTW with Alpha Driving School. Take all your information to the DMV for the Driving Test with a DMV Examiner missing no more than 15 on the driving test.

Step 6. Get your License and follow all Rules of the Road!!

"If you have further questions regarding the process, please call our school for more details.