Terms And Conditions




 If the student can’t or doesn’t go with Driving Instructor for the following reasons:

  • Doesn’t have permit at time of pickup.

  • Failed to get permission to leave school at designated time

  • Student isn’t at prearranged pickup address or designated time.

  • Has school or personal activity or game, doctors, dentist, chiropractor appointment, etc.

There will be a fee to reimburse company for having to pay insurance, gas, and 2 hours pay to instructor.  The student must pay this fee prior to the next driving appointment. If a disagreement arises due to failure to pay any fees the student will be removed from enrollment.  The student or parent must cancel appointment by 6pm the night before or a 24 hour notice if appointment falls on a weekend.




Driver will only wait 15 minutes due to getting students home at scheduled times.  Unfortunately there are NO EXCEPTIONS.  If an emergency occurs and it is not the fault of “Alpha Driving School, Inc.”, as with any other business, the business should not be the one to take a loss in revenue for this error.  Students must have 15 hours (which includes  3 1/2 hrs of night driving) of practice with their parents/guardian between lessons with an instructor.  We recommend 4 to 5 weeks between lessons. 




Driver’s Education must be completed within 3 months and Driver’s Training completed within 6 months from simultaneous enrollment.  If more time is needed it will be subject to an additional charge.  All Students will be removed from enrollment and purged from Alpha Driving School’s system after 12 months of enrollment regardless if student is completed with lessons or not. After 12 months of enrollment the student will have to re-enroll at the full price or attend another school of their choice. If a disagreement arises and parent/guardian or student chooses not to pay an additional charge the student will be removed from enrollment and may attend the school of their choice to finish their lessons.  If taking driver’s training only, the student must complete training within 6 months or additional fees will be charged.  All appointments are first come first serve only.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  All Department of Motor Vehicles forms and certificates will only be issued one time. If lost or stolen and a replacement it required, a fee may apply.




Alpha Driving School receives many calls throughout the day.  Many of our return calls, and scheduling calls will be made between 8:00am – 9:00pm.  The behind the wheel instruction is subject to availability, depending on the time of year and availability of licensed instructors.  All behind the wheel students will be taken out in groups of 2 (two students & instructor).  Each student will receive the required 6 hours of behind the wheel training which includes actual behind the wheel, verbal and demonstration instruction by a licensed driving instructor. If you prefer your student to do a “one on one” only with an instructor, you must notify us at the time of appointment scheduling.  All appointment times are “time approximate” for instructors, because of delays in traffic (road construction, accidents, etc.) and delays due to inexperienced slow driving students.  We can not make students nervous or drive unsafely by telling student to hurry.  Availability of classes are not guaranteed. 




Parent/Guardian agrees to pay the amount due in full for all discounted amounts.  If parent/guardian fails to fulfill its payment obligation within 5 days of beginning enrollment, then Alpha Driving School may suspend performance and remove student from enrollment and no refunds will be given.  Alpha Driving School fees are not negotiable without prior arrangements by management.  All payment arrangements are made by management only.  Minimum down payment of $140.00 is required for all payment arrangements.  A payment must be made at the time of or before the students BTW lesson.  All final payments must be made in CASH ONLY form.  DMV Certificates will NOT be issues until all payments have been made and cleared.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Missed and/or canceled lesson(s) be on allotted time will assess a fee of $30.00.  Uncompleted lesson(s) after 6 months of simultaneous enrollment date will assess a fee of $60.00 per lesson and after 12 months all classes expire and new enrollment will be required.  All invoices will be paid to “Alpha Driving School” and no other person(s).  All check writer agrees to pay (1) a $30.00 fee any time a check is returned uncollected for any reason. (2) Late charges of 2.0% per week on any past due balance, and (3) all legal and collection fees in the event of any dispute or situation where fees are incurred.  You agree to allow Alpha Driving School to draft your bank account to cover checks returned by your bank.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Refund only upon Management Approval..




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