1) What does "Alpha" mean?

The word "Alpha" means many things.  One definition is “The First” in Greek times.  Biblically it mean “The beginning", like “Alpha Omega” the beginning and end.


2) How old do I have to be to enroll in Drivers Education?

You have to be at least 15 to 15 1/2 year old.  There is no maximum age for enrollment.


3) What do I need to Enroll?

You and your parent/guardian (if you are under the age of 18) must fill out and sign a "Student Information" form.  Payment is usually collected at that time.


4) What do I need to bring with me to Drivers Ed class?

Nothing.  Just yourself, and we supply everything you need.  You will want to plan for a lunch or dinner when we take our break.


5) Is your Drivers Education class or Drivers Training a Pass or Fail?

NO.  This is a completion course only.  You will not need to worry about “If you don't get an 80%, will I get my DMV slips.”


6) How long is the Drivers Education class?

Each class is 7.5 hours long.  The course is completed in just 4 days/lessons.  Yes you get breaks and a lunch in that time.


7) How long have you been in business?

Alpha Driving School opened its doors as a licensed school in 1987 in Hesperia, California.


8) Are your instructors licensed?

YES!  All Driving Instructors are licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles and pass a background check through the Department of Justice.  They all have clean DMV reports with NO DUI's.  They have to pass a physical examination along with a drug test.  They are then sent to training for 60 hours and have to pass a required DMV test to obtain their instructors license.


8) When will I receive my Certificate of Completion?

After you have completed your 4th lesson you will receive your certificate that same day.  Unless you have a balance on your education, there may be a delay.  See school for details.


9) Does the Certificate of Completion(s) expire?



10) What if I lose my Certificate of Completion?

Completion Certificates are numbered and strictly controlled by the DMV.  There will be a $20.00 processing fee to issue a replacement certificate. Payment must be made and cleared before we re-issue another certificate. You can use PayPal online, Credit Card, or Cash for immediate processing.


11) Do I still need to take drivers training?
Yes, after you complete the driver’s education course, you still need to sign up with us for the 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction. We will issue you a Certificate of Enrollment for Driver's Training. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PERMIT BEFORE STARTING THE ACTUAL DRIVING TIME.


12) How do I choose a Driving School?
Ask your friends for references, yellow pages, or even ads placed in your school newspaper. Ask the driving school how long the school has been in business, how long it will take to get scheduled and have your 6 hours completed, is it within a reasonable amount of time. How many students are in the vehicle at the same time, do they pick you up at your home, or school?  Also ask to see their lesson plans and work books they use and teach from, making sure that it is NOT the “California Hand Book” issued by the DMV.  That book is to study from, not learn from.


13) Does your school take payments?

Yes.  What can accept is a deposit at the beginning of the class then the remained of the balance to be paid before class is completed on the 4th lesson, or 5th day of enrollment.  We will work with certain situations if need be as long it is approved by management.


14) What is the maximum number of students allow in class?

We are approved for 35 students per class.  We only like to have around 20 students to allow for a good teaching and learning experience.  This mean we fill up very fast!


15) Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts to all Active Military, Law Enforcement and Fire.  Call school for details.


16) What kind of referral program do you have?

We offer $10.00 cash to anyone who refers a new student to our school.  Call school for details.


17) Do you allow anyone in your cars during Drivers Training?

No.  All our drivers training lessons are a one-on-one instruction only.


18) Do you have male and female instructors?



19) Do you accept credit cards and checks?

Yes, all major credits cards and personal checks.


20) Do you have other school locations?

No, not at this time we plan to real soon.  Check back to the website for updates.


21) Do you pick up the student for his/her Drivers Training (BTW)?

Yes, as long as it is within our service area. Call school for details.


22) Do you offer Drivers Education and Training for Adults?



23) How long do I have to complete Drivers Education?

3 months from the date of enrollment.


24) How long do I have to complete Drivers Ed and Drivers training?

6 months from the date of enrollment.


25) What happens if I miss or cancel a driving lesson at the last minute?

You may be charged for the missed lesson.  Call the school for details.


26) What kind of cars do you use for your Driving Training?

All our vehicles are new with 5-star crash ratings.  We replace our cars every 2 years. They are dual controlled and are fully equipped with A/C.


27) What is the process to obtain my permit?

  • Be at least 15 1/2, but under 18 years of age. (On January 1, 2004, DMV raised the minimum age to get a learner permit to 15 1/2).


  • Fill out the DMV application form (DL 44). Signing this form means you have agreed to this statement, "I agree to submit to a chemical test of my blood, breath, or urine for the purpose of determining the alcohol or drug content of my blood when testing is required by a peace officer acting in accordance with Sections 13388 or 23612 VC." If you refuse to sign this statement, DMV will not issue your permit.


  • Obtain your parents' or guardians' signatures on the application form.


  • Present an acceptable birth date/legal presence document.


  • Present proof of enrollment in driver training, your local driving school can provide you with a copy of DMV form DL 392. (Your first driver training lesson cannot begin until after you obtain your learners permit.)


  • If you are at least 17 1/2' you may obtain a permit without driver education or driver training. However, you must bring in the forms to show you have completed driver education and driver training (DL 387, DL 388, DL 388A, OL 237, or OL 238)* or wait until you are 18 to get a license.


  • Provide your social security number/card.


  • Pay the required $31 application fee. This fee is good for 12 months and allows you to take the appropriate law test(s) three times, if needed, within the 12-month period. This fee pays for both the instruction permit and driver license, if you qualify for both within that time period. The fee must be paid when you apply for any new or change of class permit or license. It will not be returned. If the application expires, you must start again. This means resubmitting documents, paying the application fee, and taking the required tests.


  • Have your picture taken.


  • Pass an eye exam.


  • Give a thumb print.


  • Pass a traffic laws and road signs test. (If you fail the test, you must wait one week before taking it again. This will give you time to study).



You must have your permit for a minimum of 6 months before you apply for a license.

The provisional permit may not be used until you are enrolled in behind-the-wheel driver training with an instructor or reach age 17 1/2.


Provisional Permit Restrictions

Minors may use the provisional permit to practice with a parent, guardian, spouse, or an adult 25 years of age or older, who has a valid California driver license. The person must be close enough to take control of the vehicle at any time. A provisional permit does not let you drive alone not even to a DMV office to take a driving test.


If you have a permit that allows you to drive an M1 or M2 vehicle, you cannot carry passengers and you must ride during daylight hours only and not on the freeway.


28) How do I obtain a Minor’s Provisional License?

  • Be at least 16 years old.


  • Prove that you have finished both driver education and driver training (DMV form OL 387, OL 388, DL 388A, OL 237, or OL 238).


  • Have had an instruction permit for at least 6 months.


  • Provide a parent's signature on your instruction permit stating you have completed all the driving practice outlined in the Parent- Teen Training Aide. (Certain other persons may sign.) This booklet is available at your local DMV field office.


  • Complete 50 hours of supervised driving practice (10 hours must be completed at night).
  • Your parents must certify to this training.


  • Pass the behind-the-wheel driving test. If you fail the test, you must wait two weeks so that you can practice before you are tested again. You have three chances to pass the driving test within the time your permit is valid.


  • You may drive alone with your provisional license, as long as you are not involved in accidents or have traffic violations. The following restrictions apply:


  • During the first 12 months after you are licensed, you must be accompanied by a driver 25 years of age or older if you drive between the hours of midnight and 5:00 am or if you transport people under age 20.
  • During the first 12 months after you are licensed, you must be accompanied by a driver 25 years of age or older if you drive between the hours of midnight and 5:00 am. However, you may transport passengers under age 20 without supervision between the hours of 5:00 am and midnight.


Minor's Restriction Exceptions

These exceptions are granted when reasonable transportation is not available and it is necessary for the minor to drive. A note is required explaining the necessity and the date the driving necessity will end.


Medical necessity. The note must be signed by your physician.


School or school-authorized activity. The note must be signed by your school principal, dean, or his or her designee.


Employment necessity. The note must be signed by your employer and verify employment and date the employment will end.


Immediate need of family member. The note must be signed by your parent or legal guardian and include the reason and the date the driving necessity will end.


Emancipated minor. No documentation is needed. However, you must have already declared yourself, emancipated and provided Proof of Financial Responsibility (SR 1 P) in lieu of your guarantors'


When you become 18 years old, the "provisional" part of your license ends. You may keep the photo license you have which will expire on the fourth or fifth birthday after the date you applied for it or you may apply for a duplicate license without the word "provisional." The fee for a duplicate license is $23.


29) How often do you have classes?

We have class twice a month during the week, and two weekends a month.  See our “Class Schedule” for more details.


30) After I get my permit, can I drive with it?

No.  You must have your parent/guardian 25 years of age with a California Drivers License, and Licensed Instructor must sign it.  The instructor will sign it on your first Behind the Wheel.


31) Can I drive by myself with my permit?

NO! It is against the law.  You must have a Licensed Driver in the car with you the age of 25 years or older.



32) How long do I need to wait between my Drivers Training lessons?

We like to schedule 3 – 5 week between you lessons for minors, for a few reasons.  One is you must practices with your parents and you are in no hurry, because you will have your permit for 6 months before you can get your Provisional License.  Two, you are required 50 hours of Supervised Driving Practice by the DMV.


33) What if my birthday is one a certain date.  Do I have to wait till I am 18 to get my license?

NO!  That was a rumor that is not true.  See school or DMV for details on the rumor.